Gutters & Wood Rot

 Gutters do more than act as an accessory on your home they are the first line of defense against water damage.

Roofs & Windows

From simple house painting and straight forward color changes, to whole house restoration Mother Hen has the experience and training you are looking for.

 Mother Hen Home Services is family owned  business serving Raleigh, NC and much of the Triangle area . Our Home Experts have helped homeowners improve their houses with new roofing, siding, windows or painting. Our teams genuinely enjoy getting to know new homeowners and serving them well. You will experience our commitment to excellence from start to finish. Request a free estimate today.

 Your home. Our Neighborhood.

 We are a roofing/window installers with experience. Our primary  goal is to keep your home safe through quality  products, repairs, and maintenance.

Painting & Siding


Your Premier Home Service is here.